LED Modules 12VDC 0.4Watt (100 Units)

RRP: $80.00


100 unit bag Sold with a 1 Year warranty

These Waterproof (IP65) LED Modules have been developed for commercial applications.

These are purely old stock and non branded so they have to go.

They have a RRP of ($80.00) $0.80 each, we are selling each bag for just $40.00 – ($0.40) each.

They employ 2 X 5050 Triple Diode chips and measure 50mm X 14mm wide.  They have a beam width of 120 degrees and draw 0.4 watt per model (@ 35 lumens).  (8 watts per chain of 20). Each module has self adhesive backing, although we do suggest either using screws in the end holes, or silicon glue to ensure that they don’t move

A Maximum of 25 LED Modules can be used in series.  If using more, they should be configured in Parallel to prevent voltage drop, which will show as dimmer LEDs along the line



  SASIGN LED Installation Manual

Additional information


3807W3B (mini) 24Lumns, 4815W3B 24Lumns, 7815W6B 48 lumens, 7815W9B 72 Lumens


Amber, Blue, Green, Red, RGB, White (6000k), Yellow


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SASIGN LED Installation Manual

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