LED RGB WIFI Convertor

RRP: $110


The WiFi-RF converter SR-2818WiTR is designed to convert WiFi signal to RF signal and compatible with SR-1009 series receivers, which enables the RF receivers to be WiFi controlled by APP installed on IOS and Android mobile devices. It is a wifi home automation solution for lighting control that receives WiFi signal from the mobile devices and then convert it to RF signal and send to the RF receivers. The wifi home automation solution greatly facilitates users to simplify the control, they do not have to find the remote controls everywhere, just a mobile phone is enough. The WiFi-RF converter can be compatible with SR-1009 series receivers to control single color, dual color and RGBW LED lighting. Free APP is available from APP store or Sunricher website.

Key Features

Converts WiFi signal to RF
Compatible with SR-1009 series receivers
More convenient and flexible control
Single or multiple receivers can be controlled by each control system
Free APP available from APP store or Sunricher website
Humanized APP interface, easy operation



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Part No. Operation Voltage Output Dimension (mm)
SR-2818WiTR 12-24VDC RF signal 55*99*20


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