LEDs – Light Box – INDOOR (sold prewired strips X 5)

RRP: $62.50


Sold with a 5 Year warranty

Non Waterproof LED strips, (1 Metre long) which employ a special lense projecting light at 170 degrees and sold pre wired.  Strips can be cut and separated for smaller lit areas, or joined – (Up to 15 strips in series)

We sell in sets of 5 strips- prewired.  5 strips will light 1.0 X 0.5 M at just 4cm deep.

BUT we can prewire up to 15 strips (1.5 Sq meter of coverage at just 4cm deep)

Once you have determined your area, please click on the Power Supply tab to select the matched Power Supply

If your Light box is either double sided or exposed to the elements, then please refer to our OUTDOOR light box product.



Spec sheet- Rigid strips

Additional information


10 strip pre wired, 20 Strip pre wired


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Spec sheet- Rigid strips

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