5V / 9V / 12V DC Wall adaptors – 6 Models

RRP: $19.95 - $24.00



All ERAC, Standards Australia Approved (SAA) and of the electronic switching type, making them reliable, as well as tight working conditions to protect your electronics /LEDs from wide variations in voltage.

All with Industry best warranties of 2 years,

All models are supplied with a reversible polarity straight  5.1 X 9mm  female output connector which can be upgraded to a 90 degree option for discrete applications.

Six sizes:

5VDC 600mAmp

5VDC 1200mAmp

9VDC 1200mAmp

12VDC 500 mAmp

12VDC 1500 mAmp

12VDC 2500 mAmp



Spec sheet Power Supplies

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12VDC 1500mAmp, 12VDC 2500mAmp, 12VDC 500mAmp, 5VDC 1500mAmp, 5VDC 600mAmp, 9VDC 1200mAmp


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Spec sheet Power Supplies

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